Our farm is situated on the east side of a meadow, which we lovingly call Rough Meadow. Many of our acres are still virgin prairie—land that was not tilled for settlement. For many years the prairie has only been seen as cheap grazing land, but over time we've begun to realize the amazing bounty that virgin prairie offers. Much of our work is not only in food production but in practices that rebuild and revive the prairie land to a state better than how we received it.

The land provides the core identity to a farm. A farmer and his environment are intimately connected. We see land more as a partner than an asset. It is a delicate relationship, one that you have to approach with empathy and respect.

We've found that virgin prairie is the perfect environment from which to produce honey. Bees thrive when they have a variety of plants to collect nectar from. When hives are placed on monoculture crops (crops of one type of plant) it can weaken the colony. The taste of honey is affected by the locale. We love the taste of our prairie honey. We think you will too!