Down to Earth Farm is located in Brownfield, Alberta. This area has been home to four generations of family that have grown food for a living. Since 2005 we've aimed to return to those roots—to produce food that our great grandparents would recognize and appreciate.

Our philosophy is simple: as little human intervention as possible. We believe that nature has an amazing capacity to produce. It provides an abundance, and if we pay attention, we can be a part of that abundance.

Some of our farming practices come from new thought-leaders and personal heroes. These influences include people who are developing (or rediscovering) permaculture like Wendell BerryGene Logsdon, and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. These and more offer a tremendous openness and generosity in their practices—something we hope to mirror at Down to Earth.

Our farm is a family farm and we're 'all hands on deck' people. That means when there is work to be done everyone is involved. It's not always easy, but we love that each member of our family has a role in our team.